Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for new affiliates. Most of the bloggers start their affiliate marketing journey with an amazon affiliate program. I’m one of them. This article explains how to join the Amazon affiliate program step-by-step.

I read lots of amazon affiliate program reviews and did lots of research before starting my journey. But don’t worry, I’m here to teach everything that I found.

Please read my previous article about the amazon affiliate program review before you join it. It will help you to get a rough idea about the amazon affiliate program and can start your journey with confidence.

So, why are you waiting? let’s create your amazon affiliate account step-by-step.

affiliate marketing step by step guide

Join the Amazon Affiliate program by 3 Steps

Step 01 – Amazon affiliate program sign up

Go to the Amazon Associate homepage and click on Join Now For Free button to sign up.

click join now for free on amazon affiliate signup page

Then enter your personal details such as name, address, and mobile number. Always remember to provide a valid address because all payments do send to that address.

fill your personal details such as name, address, and mobile number

Now it’s time to give your website details. It is necessary to have a website or mobile app to be an amazon affiliate. You can’t join the amazon affiliate program without having a website or mobile app.

Also, you can add up to 50 websites or mobile apps to your Amazon associate account.

your websites and mobile application details for amazon account

Once you clicked the next button, they asked: “that your websites or mobile apps are directed primarily at children under 13”. Those kinds of websites are not eligible to display banners or links from Amazon associates.

confirm that your website or mobile app is eligible for display ads

After that, you have to set the preferred associate store id for amazon. Most people use their website name as store ID. But you can use any id for that. This store id used to create and track your amazon affiliate link.

enter preferred store id for amazon

Then explain your website by a few lines. Also, set the topics that you covered and type of your websites or mobile app. Then select the amazon items that you intended to list on your websites.

describe the type and topics cover by your website

Step 02 – Explain how you drive traffic to your site

Then explain how you drive traffic to your website, how to generate income, and the number of visitors for a month to monetize your site.

traffic and monetization details of my website

Now you came to the final step of profile setup. Therefore, agree to amazon affiliate terms and conditions, and finish the profile creation.

amazon affiliate terms and conditions

Congratulation…!!! Now you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program. They provide unique amazon associate id which includes in your affiliate links.

And remember, if you are unable to have qualified sales within 180 days, your amazon associate account will be closed.

successfully create amazon affiliate account

OK, now it’s time to enter your payment information. You can do it now or later. Click on now to start the process.

Step 03 – Choose your payment methods

First of all, you have to verify yourself. You can do it through SMS or phone call.

amazon affiliate account verification

Then select your payment method. Direct deposit, Amazon gift cards, and checks are the available payment options on amazon.

amazon affiliate payment methods

As a next step, you have to answer the tax information interview and confirm your tax identity information. Please do as follows.

amazon associate tax information interview
amazon associate tax identity information

Then select the location services performed and write your name on the signature textbox. After that, click on the save and preview button.

submit tax information to amazon associate

Once you click Save and Preview button, you can view a document related to your tax information. Then sign on that document and submit the Form.

submit the tax document to amazon affiliate

Finally, you successfully face the tax information interview. Now you have a brand new Amazon affiliate account. Go through your amazon affiliate dashboard to find banners, links, promotion codes to promote.

amazon affiliate dashboard

How to get banned from Amazon Affiliate.

  • Once you create an account, you have to make 3 qualified sales within 180 Days. Otherwise, your account will get banned.
  • Never use product images from Amazon to your website.
  • Don’t copy amazon reviews and include your website.
  • Never use amazon affiliate links in the emails.
  • Never post amazon affiliate links on the forums.
  • Don’t Shorten or Cloak amazon affiliate links.
  • Don’t mention amazon product prices on your site.


This article explains how to join the amazon affiliate program and ow to not get banned from amazon affiliate. There are hundreds of affiliate programs in the industry, but Amazon is the best, especially for bloggers. My personal opinion is to start your affiliate marketing journey with an amazon affiliate program. You will never fail.

I hope you learn something and don’t forget to share your experience with the Amazon affiliate program.

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