WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating a website. In another way, WordPress is the easiest and powerful blogging and website management system in the world. 70% of the website on the internet developed by using WordPress.

Let’s assume you want to create a website and you are going to write it using HTML, CSS, bootstrap and some other web development languages. What a waste of time. It will take more than one month for you to create a proper template for your website and also you need good knowledge about some web development techniques.

Just imagine if you can do that using a single click and manage without any programming knowledge. That is WordPress and that’s how it works.

Let’s start from the beginning…

First of all, you should have a place to host your WordPress website. As a beginner, I recommend you to host your website on a google cloud platform. It’s completely free for the first year.

1. Best free WordPress themes for blogging